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Our approach is novel: We Actually Care!

Bold statement, we know! We're not saying that other companies don't care. But, we speak from actual experience with most of our team having worked for a large, national 'studio' at one time or another, that the vast majority of them primarily focus on the bottom line - their customers just being a means to that end. Here at Revive we approach things, well, differently. Our primary goal is to serve our customers needs, the result of which is a profitable and sustainable company. Does that make us special? Not really. Different? We'd like to think so. So, "how does this benefit my company?", you ask. Read the paragraph to the right, and see for yourself.

One way is in how we bill. Our projects are not padded with extra 'management' hours! Did you know that when you hire most 'studios' to design your web presence or marketing materials you're actually paying for 'billable hours'? Their Proposal will include time for all internal/external meetings, calls to/from you, project management time, etc!! Take just ONE meeting with 5 members of their team. We'd bet dollars to donuts that you'd be shocked to find out they're charging you an hourly rate, every hour, PER PERSON in that meeting! So, if their going rate is $125/hr.. that ONE HOUR meeting, with only 5 of their staff, just cost you $625 of your hard earned dollars! We think you'll agree, when we say, "That's just bubkis!"


Aside from showing off our design and development chops a bit later in the process, this is the part our entire team loves! We call this phase Discovery. Here, we get to listen to your story and learn as many facets of your business that are pertinent to the project at hand. In turn this allows us to make the most educated and accurate recommendations for your marketing needs. It takes experience, thoughtful questions, insightful answers and forethought to provide solutions that are tailored to your business. W don't practice the disservice of cramming clients into a preset 'package' offering. This isn't good for either of us! Following the Discovery phase we complete an exhaustive, internal strategy meeting to clarify and define the services best suited for your needs.


Let the fun begin! We take our creative process, infuse it with amazing design and produce some of the most detail oriented, polished and professional ROI enhancing goodness that you can imagine! Here is the beauty of the process: We take the combination of the previous two meetings and translate that knowledge and strategic plan into a cohesive, functional design direction. This design direction may be all encompassing (web, logo, branding and collateral) or narrowly focused - regardless of the breadth of your project the end result will be attractive, effective and affordable. Our entire design paradigm rests on the foundation of best practices for user experience and interaction.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Our development talent is unleashed, wielding their skill of writing cutting edge code to implement all of the required functionality, features and strategic goals of the previously defined design direction. This is where we breath life into your project and it becomes a tangible product. All of our websites are coded using standards compliant methods and result in an attractive, accessible and functional web presence. Given the number of tablets and smart phones in use today we might also recommend incorporating a mobile friendly or responsive / adaptive design strategy into your website - this allows visitors to see a properly formatted sight on nearly any device they view it on! Throughout this process we will be in frequent contact.


One highly over looked and often misunderstood phase of marketing is the continued enhancement and improvement of those strategies as the market, business needs and times change. As a business owner it's a constant effort to ensure your business is presenting a unified and relevant message to your customers. This message should evolve over time just as markets and best practices do. We'd all be making funny faces if we were given an old, out-dated menu the next time we took a seat at our favorite restaurant. The same holds true for visitors to your web site or prospective customers reading your ads and marketing material! Up to this point, you and our team have been collectively invested in creating a better experience for your customers. It only makes sense to revisit the content and 'message' of our work, to ensure they're effective, relevant and achieving your business goals.


  • Web Design
  • Print Collateral
  • Logo and Identity Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Email Marketing Services
  • PPC and SEM Campaign Mgt.
  • eCommerce Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Marketing Campaign Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web & Email Hosting
  • Market & Competitive Analysis
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